I don’t know what to put here

I don’t know what to put here

Hey everybody,

Everything is just about the same, so I figured that I would take this time to tell you about some cool people that we have found out here.

First, the lunch lady that we have has some pretty interesting beliefs that are hard on me sometimes. She doesn’t let us wash dishes, clean up, or help her cook because “There are women present” so…. That’s something I had never ever heard before….

Also there are some weird old dudes from the United States down here that speak in mixed up Spanish and English that already have been here for a long time. Dudes that are like 70 who are married to girls that are between 20 and 30. So… that’s also something I had never seen before

We also have some cool people¬†who are starting to progress out here and it makes me super happy. We have found them all through member references, and I am super happy. We found someone who already has an answer to her prayers, and is going to leave her work to be able to go to church, and I think she is going to be the first person that I am going to help get married out here and we are going to baptize the whole family. Also, we found another couple that are super smart and are super interested in the message that we have, and they are ALREADY married!!! so… Those are all things that I had never seen before.

I have always gotten along very well with my companion, and we are going to have some miracles out here with everyone’s prayers. I am super excited and hope that everything works out in the way that it should. I am doing really well and hope that you are all doing well too.¬†

I love you all, and I hope you are all doing well spiritually, physically and emotionally

Elder Searle