Que anda chiki??

Que anda chiki??

Hey everybody,

It has been a long week out here, and I am trying to keep it all together with some little stuff going on. I have a lot to learn here still, but here we are. My comp and I just need to talk some stuff out. It is nothing too big or interesting.

Our area is going really well. The married couple that we met went to church and I almost cried I was so happy!! We also are going to have a surprise baptism this weekend, because one of the kids that couldn’t get permission to get baptized finally got it, and he will be baptized this Saturday. We are also working with a few other awesome people that we hope to get moving quickly here. 

I had to go to a leadership council this week with Elder Taylor (counselor in the area presidency) and the mission president. We got on the first bus that goes out to San Pedro, and they were getting after us for not being on time (on time being 1+ hours early), and I got frustrated with the APs. I don’t know what they wanted us to do in traffic other than wait for the bus to move forward haha. When I stood up to go to the bathroom, 30 minutes before the thing even started, the other AP told me “you have two minutes” and I basically told him he has no authority over me and to stop being so stiff. I think next time I am going to whip out D&C 121:34-46 on them and show them the real way the priesthood works. 

I got to go back to my first area on splits again, which was a little weird. I avoided all of the members that I could, trying not to cause anything big, and just showed the other missionary all that his companion didn’t show him in the area. (My last companion in that area was his first comp, and he didn’t show him a good chunk of families that have a lot of potential, so I showed him all I knew and all I could. I also have pictures of a few families that missed me, the last ones from a family that invited us to eat dinner one of the days I was out there.

Our ward mission leader, ( a recently returned home missionary) gave us a referral yesterday, and brought us to the house of the family, and it was the most uncomfortable lesson I have ever had in my whole life. It is a married couple (Yaaaaaay) with their 4 kids. A boy (15) and three girls (18,19,21) The 21 yr one was calm and normal, and the 19 yr didn ́t stop talking… Ever… She is like Kelly on the office. and the 18 yr was weird too. They all wanted to take pictures with the two white dudes and they wanted us to visit them every day of the week. SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKES We went running out of that house.

Well, that is basically my whole week. I hope that you all have gone well and that you can have a good coming week also. I love you all and hope the best for you!

Elder Searle