Que Macizo

Que Macizo

It has been the first week in a long time that I looked at my watch and counted how many more hours we had to work for the day. We have a little motivational card that says something like “slow and boring days or months in the mission are for slow and boring missionaries” So we are going to have to change up the routine and do something new.

It was raining for 3 days straight this last week. Everything got wet and it was really cold (70 ish degrees!!!) I was almost dying freezing. We did get to have a service project helping people throw buckets of water out of their front yard because the street overflowed. It made me think about mom ́s mom when her house got flooded and helping out there years ago. Every single street out here was a river, and we had to buy big old rain boots like in the movies. Mine reach almost up until my knees, and there were still places that I couldn’t cross without getting wet. 

We had our leadership council again in San Pedro, and it went well. We met the goal for the mission, and for the first time in years, in this mission we baptized more than 100 people in one month. Now they are pressuring us to baptize 150 in March, and then in April they want every companionship to baptize 4 people. It is going to be fun to try and reach these goals. It is all in our heads and in our faith. Miracles have not ceased. (Moroni 7)

I am doing pretty well. Personally I feel like I am growing and getting old, and I also feel like I am converting myself every day. I am going to try and speed up this next week because the last thing I need is to be discouraged right now. We gotta pick up the pace a little bit.

Fotos: comp, other dude, Presidents wife gave me a b day present, and 2 new foods. One is called La Gringa, and the other is a block of “honey” that was not so great and was a little too hard to eat.
Love you all and I hope that you all have a good week!!!

Elder Searle