Cub Country

Cub Country

Took the day off, to spend with the boys, and help my wife out.  Ended up going up to Cub Country ( Fort Frontier ) for the entire day.  Ended up with 4 leaders and 12 scouts, a great day of weather, and lots of fun.

Day started off kind of weird though, turns out that I drew the short straw, and had to stand in line to register all the kids.  We have 2 combined cub packs, and our Benjamin is from a 3rd community pack.  One of the kids brought their cousin from California, so we had even a 4th pack member.  The bureaucrat at the table wouldn’t let Benjamin and California kid in, because there was no official print out for the entire pack on his clip board.

I explained my case, showed off the medical form, permission slip and proof of payment.  All of which he refused to look at, because his paperwork was incomplete.  Either way, I listened to his guilt trip for a few minutes.  Begged and pleated, and got pissed off.  I think when he started telling me the President Monson would not be happy with me if I didn’t re-register each kid into our pack, that I gave up.  Either way he saw that he had completely broke me down, and was satisfied in that, so he let me go. ( I think it would be easier to get into heaven, than signed up for a Scout camp. )

We shot BB Guns, ran obstacle courses, took hikes, played games and practiced lots of knots.  All the boys were great, and had lots of fun.

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    I am sorry to here that you had a rough time getting in. I hope that for the most part the rest of your experience was fun and that the boys had a great time. Sign in is never fun even for us.

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