Recursive Fun

Recursive Fun

There have been few really important problems that have had the beautiful opportunity to recursively fix or use itself.  A great example it a project at work called zody, it is a bug tracking system.  After a week of development, it was able to be running well enough to keep track of its own bugs and the feature requests of others.

Richard Stallman wrote GCC the GNU C Compiler from scratch.  He was able to compile his compiler ( with a previous version ) and it has been used to compile the next generation of versions from that point on.

Notable Recursive Stuff:

  • The term GNU is a recursive acronym for “GNU’s Not Unix!”.
  • Git – After only a couple days, git source control had it’s own repository to maintain its own source code.
  • Subversion – Source Control System, maintains its own code
  • SharpDevelop – C# development program – written in C# , runs on .Net Framework, to write code for the .Net Framework.
  • Emacs – A text editor that was used to write itself ( the source text )

Today I deployed some new software, that is designed to deploy other software to servers.  So we naturally used it to deploy itself.  It was really cool, and I had a big smile on my face, when it happened.

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