Mac Madness

Mac Madness

I got my hands on a MacBook Pro a couple weeks ago, so it is time for a review.  First of all, I’m not a master of any operating system, but I am at least familiar enough with them to make a pretty good judgment.  First the things I like, then the ones I don’t.


1.  Really fast boot and shutdown time.   The laptop only takes a few moments to start up, comparable to stripped down version of linux, or at least a linux server.  The shutdown time is amazing, like 2 seconds.

2.  Eye candy – The icons are cool, and you can tell someone really has spent some good time making application icons look really nice.    The dock is nice for the application you always start up.

3.  Terminal – The blessed terminal, with all of its wonderful powers.   I was able to run most all the commands I use regularly, and found myself at home with it.  VI, nano, ssh and sftp all installed and ready to go, what else do you need.


1.  Application UI handling.   I’m not sure of all the correct names for part, but that top tool bar sucks.  If you click the ‘X’ at the top of any form, the application does not really close, all the menu stays at the top, the icon stays in the dock.  You exited nothing, and that is stupid.  I should not have to go into the menu to close an application.

2.  Apples web site and tech support suck.  Believe me.

3.  Costs money, pseudo open source, not a lot of apps ported from windows / linux.  I got Subversion and Git installed, command line only.  ( Which is really fine by me )  I couldn’t find a tortoise type application, built in text editor sucks, no notepad++  🙁

4.  Everything starts with a lower case i, and that is also stupid.

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