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One valuable thing that I’ve learned in my life is that it never is good to wait on an apology.   When I was younger, it never seemed important to have quick timing to say that I’m sorry for something, as I knew it would have to happen anyways, so what’s the rush.  Sometimes we also think that if time just passes by, that somehow it is equivalent to apologizing too.   But this is all wrong, the apology needs to be said, and it needs to be said quickly.

One good example happened just this summer at church.  I told someone that they really should be a better example to their brother, mostly in a joking manner, to try to get them ( he and his brother ) to be a bit more faithful at reading the scriptures.  The older brother took offense, as I was out of bounds.   I did not even know the heartache that I caused, and was surprised to here from someone that what I said did damage.  When I heard of my mistake, I immediately drove over to his house to make things right.  I didn’t wait a week, or even till the next day, or one hour.   The quick timing helped quickly heal the trouble, and really helped square things up.  I’m glad that someone had the guts to tell me there was trouble, as sometimes people only delight in the error, rather than really fixing the problem.  Good news is that both of the brothers are doing a bit better in their studies.

I’ve found that married life is no different, it is always good to be quick on the, “I’m Sorry”.  Also having an attitude to be quick to forgive makes all the difference.   There is no need to hold onto the past, being angry for a week, or days at a time.   Learning to forgive quickly is important in any relationship that needs to last a long time.  I’m always amazed when I hear couples arguing, bringing up problems from that past, as if they are stockpiled ammunition.  There is not mutual hope for forgiveness, as neither are willing to forget the mistakes from the past.

Hopefully we all can put a bit more effort into getting the courage to quickly make amends, and quickly forgiving those that have caused us harm in any way.  We will all be better for it, and will be able to make life better for everyone involved.

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