Email Hoax

Email Hoax

Since I have a minor in CS,  work in computer technology, and am a nerd, I seem to get the dreaded chore of helping people with computers.  All part of the fun, is being the recipient of all those crappy emails from people.  To define crappy, I should explain that the majority of these are email hoaxes.  Emails about Walmart perfume, famous paintings and stupid email chains.

Before you forward another email to anyone, you really should check out these websites to see if they are hoaxes:

I’ve never let anyone email me too long before pointing out these hoax websites.  If they continue they get one last warning, then if there is another violation, they get the world famous “Don’t email me again” email.  It is always a good idea to let them know if they want to send pictures, or have original stuff that you’ll love to receive it.

The only thing worse than hoax emails, are the stupid political / abortion / immigration /  anti-Muslim / hatefilled / closeminded emails.  I cannot stand closed minded people, which means I’m closed minded about them, therefore I can’t stand myself.  Anyways, I educate myself with the facts for which way I vote, I don’t plan on having an abortion anytime soon, I don’t fear other races or their culture, I don’t hate any religion, and I have time to formulate my own opinion.  So no need to send me pre-processed opinion, the emails have little fact and usually only appeal to emotion.  It is too bad that people still spread these types of emails, as it does not help resolve any of the topics they discuss, usually they only anger people further, indoctronate the simple minded, and create more hatred about topics that need a solution better than angery people.

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