If you are a workaholic like me, you often think of problems and tasks that need to be fixed.  Sometimes these thoughts can keep you up at night, especially if you have so much to do, that it’s easy to let some things fall through the cracks.  I read somewhere that if you write things down when you cannot fall asleep, or are stressed with the work load, that you’ll be able to sleep better and worry less about your ToDo list.

Either way, I’ve been packing around this $1 note book with me in my backpack.  It goes with me to work, church, the store, out on my walks and on my night stand.  I have been constantly writing in the front of the book the tasks and thoughts I have for work, and I write from the back of the notebook my goals and tasks for simplifying  life.

This has really helped with several problems.  First, I’ve not turned on my work laptop after work for several weeks, which means that there has been no work from home.  🙂  It has been nice to write down some thoughts, and forget about work, and enjoy the family time.  This has increased my efficiency at work too, mostly because I can prioritize my tasks, and not get distracted with random thought of forgotten tasks through the day.  Also after about 9-10 hours of work, it is proven that you are a crappy worker, so my work from home would often need additional attention the next day.

Second, it is really easy to work on your goals and review your thoughts if you have them written down.  It is actually nice to write down stuff on paper, and get off the old keyboard.   You can see and review you prior ideas, see what you have edited, and see your thought process in action.  I bet I have written more this last month, than the sum of the previous months this year.

Last, it has really helped on getting me into the minimalist mentality.   I was working on my 100 item list, and listed my notebook and pen as the first two items.   I’ve found myself working out problems by hand, rather than working it up in a worksheet, listing out programming classes in my own version of UML, drawing simple user interface layout, and even found myself doodling random picture from time to time.   It certainly has helped me focus on what is important at home, and still give me a way to take care of the important things at work.


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