First 5-K Race

First 5-K Race

Erika and I ran our first 5k race today. It was at liberty park, 8am. It was an exciting and nervous time for both of us. We have spent the last several week getting in shape and this was our first of many races for the summer. We were very excited that this event was finally here, and are also glad that it is all over.

So after standing around for an hour waiting for the race to start, they finally started the race. Unfortuatly there were a lot of people that were walking the race, and they all foolishly lined up at the start of the line. So the first few minutes of the race was dodging through hundred of idiots all walking with their strollers and kids.

We both did really well for our first races. I finished in 31 minutes and Erika in 34. Both of us beat our starting goals, and I am sure we will improve as the summer moves on.

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