ssh without password (for rsync)

ssh without password (for rsync)

Make the RSA key on the client:

  • ssh-keygen -t rsa
  • Don’t enter a password

Copy from .ssh/ to the server:

  • sftp <server>
  • put

Put the contents of in authorized_keys file on the server

  • echo >> .ssh/authorized_keys

Now you ssh into the server without a password.

The new (old) bike

I have been shopping around for a road bike to take back and forth to work and also just for a road bike to ride for fun. Since I didn’t want to throw down a grand to get a low end road bike, I decided to go vintage. I looked at some bikes around town, ebay and even drove up to some bike swap up near Westminster College. Then one lucky day I stopped by my in-laws and found this nice 1980 schwinn – traveler sitting in the old shed. After a few moments of begging, my father in law was good enough to give it to me.

my new bike

I got some new tires, tubes, and brake pads and within a few hours of work I had a nice, functional bike. I rode around the neighborhood only to have my back brake lever fall off in my hands. So I upgraded my brake levers to some nice new ones. They really made a nice difference.

I took the bike around the usual routes in the neighborhood for several days before I tried the long trek to good old Security National Life. Last Friday I decided to make the grand voyage to work and back. It is a nice 12.5 miles to work, mostly down hill. I got up at 5am and got to work within the hour.

The trip back was really hot, it was 103 at my home when I returned home. And since it is downhill to work it is mostly all up hill back to home. It completely kicked my butt, but I toughed it out and made it all the way back home.

I got to put nearly 50 miles on the new bike this weekend, and I really have found a great new hobby that will do me some good this summer.

the two day hike

one day my family and I went hiking to smith and morehouse. we hiked 11.25 miles. we were there for two days wen we got to the camping spot we had dinner and went to bed the next day we packed and left to the car. when we got to the car we took off are backpack and got in the car to leave wen we got home we hung up the tents

The big long hike

My family and I packed to go on a hike to smith and morehouse. We went on a long drive. We hiked seven miles the first day and four the next day. Our legs hurt and we got lost we prayed that we would make our way back home. There was a lot of down hill. Close to the end of our hike we crossed water and I saw a snake. I think that are hike was fun. By the time we got back to the car I had mud all over my pants.

MySQL Setup on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

sudo apt-get install apache2

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-auth-mysql

sudo apt-get install php5

sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin

sudo apt-get install php5-adodb

Samba Server Setup

Install Samba Server on Ubuntu

If you want to share files between your Ubuntu and Windows computers, your best option is to use Samba file sharing.

To install, first open a terminal window and enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install samba smbfs

We’ve got samba installed, but now we’ll need to configure it to make it accessible. Run the following command to open the configuration file, substituting your editor of choice:

sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf

Find this section in the file:

####### Authentication #######

# “security = user” is always a good idea. This will require a Unix account
# in this server for every user accessing the server. See
# /usr/share/doc/samba-doc/htmldocs/Samba-HOWTO-Collection/ServerType.html
# in the samba-doc package for details.
; security = user

Uncomment the security line, and add another line to make it look like this:

security = user
username map = /etc/samba/smbusers

path = /media/samba/
browseable = yes
read only = no
guest ok = no
create mask = 0644
directory mask = 0755
force user = YOUR_USERNAME
force group = YOUR_USERGROUP

This will set Samba to use the smbusers file for looking up the user list.

Create a Samba User

There are two steps to creating a user. First we’ll run the smbpasswd utility to create a samba password for the user.

sudo smbpasswd -a <username>

Elevation Maping

Cool google map tool for getting elevation profiles and maps can be found at:

Here is our trip for tomorrow from Trial Lake to Smith and Morehouse reservoir:

Backpacking trips

One day my family and I were backpacking for three days. I was cold, and mom and dad didn’t have any hot chocolate for me to drink. One of my favorite things about backpacking was going to the river and helping getting fresh water. I also liked playing on the rocks with my brother, Nathan. I had fun with my family. I had fun hiking on the trails and crossing a bridge. We hiked to Elk Horn Crossing. It was a really long drive.

Tonight we got packed for another trip.

Elk Horn Crossing Pics

Here is more pictures from our trip to elk horns crossing.  17 miles, 11,000 + feet, took both boys and had a great time.

Enjoy the pics.

Raid 1

Good Raid Setup can be found at

Update on Benjamin’s MRI

Benjamin went in for a MRI last week, with the concern that there may be some brain tumors or damage.  We are all very relieved to report that his MRI scan turned up no damage or anything to worry about.  From what we have concluded Ben was born with a nerve problem in one of his eyes that will require some type of surgury to fix.  We are all very greatfull for the phone calls and prayers, and we feel really blessed that he is in good health.