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November 3, 2009

Benjamin’s Tiger Cub Award

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tigerBenjamin earned his tiger cub award for cub scouts in a community cub scout group.  Now he will get to have mom as his den leader.   Isn’t he so lucky.

July 22, 2009

Cub Country

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Took the day off, to spend with the boys, and help my wife out.  Ended up going up to Cub Country ( Fort Frontier ) for the entire day.  Ended up with 4 leaders and 12 scouts, a great day of weather, and lots of fun.

Day started off kind of weird though, turns out that I drew the short straw, and had to stand in line to register all the kids.  We have 2 combined cub packs, and our Benjamin is from a 3rd community pack.  One of the kids brought their cousin from California, so we had even a 4th pack member.  The bureaucrat at the table wouldn’t let Benjamin and California kid in, because there was no official print out for the entire pack on his clip board.

I explained my case, showed off the medical form, permission slip and proof of payment.  All of which he refused to look at, because his paperwork was incomplete.  Either way, I listened to his guilt trip for a few minutes.  Begged and pleated, and got pissed off.  I think when he started telling me the President Monson would not be happy with me if I didn’t re-register each kid into our pack, that I gave up.  Either way he saw that he had completely broke me down, and was satisfied in that, so he let me go. ( I think it would be easier to get into heaven, than signed up for a Scout camp. )

We shot BB Guns, ran obstacle courses, took hikes, played games and practiced lots of knots.  All the boys were great, and had lots of fun.

May 16, 2009

5K fun run/walk

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Today we woke up early (6:30 am on a Saturday) and went to the park for the Teach the Children 5K.  We ran along the Jordan Parkway trail, so I decided I would stay back with the boys because I was worried about them running along the Jordan River.  I am a proud, happy mom.  Nathan (9 yrs.) passed us all and finished in 38:40 minutes.  Benjamin (7 yrs.) insisted mom hold his hand so I would keep pace with him.  Benjamin and I finished in 42:50 minutes.  Benjamin was so happy that we passed dad.  Aaron came in at 43:20 minutes.  When we started the race I was a little sad that I would have to “stay back” with the boys and not run the whole way, but it was on of the best mornings together as a family.  Ben and I would run for a while then speed walk for Ben to catch his breath. (He has allergies so bad he can barely breath through his nose.)  I just had to post how much fun we had and how glad I am that we woke up early today.

November 30, 2008

Day Hike In Salt Lake City

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We went for a nice long day hike with the boys Downtown Salt Lake on Saturday.  Took a backpack full of hot cocoa, mugs, snacks, hand-warmers, drinks and other misc supplies.  We left the house about 8:30 AM and took the train down to the Gateway.  Then we:

  • Shopped at Dick’s for some new Thermals and Thermoses for ice fishing.
  • Went to the Salt Lake City Library.
  • —  Walked up every staircase in the whole place.
  • —  Walked down the huge ramp that goes from the roof to the ‘back yard’ of the 5 story building.
  • —   Spent 20 minutes trying to find a book on Dinosaurs.
  • Went to Temple Square for the organ recital.
  • Went to Salt Lake Art Museum.
  • —  ACLU of Utah had its 50 years of existence art show
  • Back To Gateway for lunch.
  • Galivan Plaza for some outdoor shopping.

We got home late that afternoon, after walking what felt like about 5 miles.  It was a good trip for the kids to see lots of people trying to stay warm on the train, at the museum and at the city library.  Then to go to where all the rich folks are in the Gateway spending tons of cash on Christmas crap.  We spend nearly an hour comparing and contrasting the day’s experiences with them.   On our way back we stopped to watch a street performer play a banjo as fast as I’ve ever seen.  It was a nice finish to a great family trip.

October 26, 2008

Bowling With The Family

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The boys have been begging us to go bowling for a few months now, and we finally caved in and took them on Friday.  I have not taken a day off for months, and have not been accruing vacation time for some time.  ( Maximum days off supply achieved)  So I took the day off and we went to ‘Fat Cats’ bowling lanes.  We planned to bowl 3 games and I about crapped when the guy said that will be $65.  Either way we went for it, and had a great time.  We bowled for over an hour and to my great surprise and joy their internet connection was down, so they could not process our debit card, so we got the days events for free.  One of the best days for a cheap, cheap man.

Ben did really well for a new guy.

Nathan concentrating on his throw.

Benjamin using the force to move the ball to the other side of the lane.

Erika and Benjamin sharing love when Benjamin’s scores topped Erika’s.

September 11, 2008

Best Shirt Ever…..

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Best Shirt Ever:

I was mean to my brother, so my parents make me wear this stupid pink shirt.

pink shirt punishment

Got these shirts in today, and luck would have it that the boys got in a fight. Made them wear the new shirts to the store, and walked them up and down every aisle. Both of them were really embarrassed, hopefully they will think twice before fighting again.

August 16, 2008

Ben’s Eyes

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Just a quick update on benjamin’s eyes. It looks like he will be having muscle surgery on both eyes in October. I have not found a very good web page describing his surgery, if I find one, I will update this post. Here is WebMD’s version of his condition: Muscle Surgery

The basics are that he will get several of his muscles that move his eyes cut and repositioned. It is outpatient, with a general anesthesia. 80% success nationally, but over 90% up at the Moran Eye Center. If unsuccessful then a second surgery is needed.

Patched eyes for a day or two, red eyes for a month and full recovery at 6 weeks. He is excited about this as he thinks he will be a much better devil for Halloween with the red eyes.

This will help him keep his head straight, fix his left eye when he looks sharp to the right, and stop seeing double characters when he reads.  (All of which we learned he had only in the last few months.)

More news as we get it.

Benjamin’s Guitar

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I really want a new, shinny, blue electric guitar. I promise to play every day and learn hundreds of good songs. It will be the only thing that will make me happy. Unfortunately, my old man is a huge tight wad and told me that he was not going to just go out and buy it. You would think that his liberal blood and education at Westminster would be enough for him to realize that this is a great idea, but he is too ‘careful with his money’. So please help me get a new electric guitar, so I can get playing.

You can donate to my guitar fund below:

August 3, 2008

the two day hike

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one day my family and I went hiking to smith and morehouse. we hiked 11.25 miles. we were there for two days wen we got to the camping spot we had dinner and went to bed the next day we packed and left to the car. when we got to the car we took off are backpack and got in the car to leave wen we got home we hung up the tents

July 23, 2008

Backpacking trips

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One day my family and I were backpacking for three days. I was cold, and mom and dad didn’t have any hot chocolate for me to drink. One of my favorite things about backpacking was going to the river and helping getting fresh water. I also liked playing on the rocks with my brother, Nathan. I had fun with my family. I had fun hiking on the trails and crossing a bridge. We hiked to Elk Horn Crossing. It was a really long drive.

Tonight we got packed for another trip.

July 14, 2008

Update on Benjamin’s MRI

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Benjamin went in for a MRI last week, with the concern that there may be some brain tumors or damage.  We are all very relieved to report that his MRI scan turned up no damage or anything to worry about.  From what we have concluded Ben was born with a nerve problem in one of his eyes that will require some type of surgury to fix.  We are all very greatfull for the phone calls and prayers, and we feel really blessed that he is in good health.

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