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July 23, 2008

Backpacking trips

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One day my family and I were backpacking for three days. I was cold, and mom and dad didn’t have any hot chocolate for me to drink. One of my favorite things about backpacking was going to the river and helping getting fresh water. I also liked playing on the rocks with my brother, Nathan. I had fun with my family. I had fun hiking on the trails and crossing a bridge. We hiked to Elk Horn Crossing. It was a really long drive.

Tonight we got packed for another trip.

July 14, 2008

Update on Benjamin’s MRI

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Benjamin went in for a MRI last week, with the concern that there may be some brain tumors or damage.  We are all very relieved to report that his MRI scan turned up no damage or anything to worry about.  From what we have concluded Ben was born with a nerve problem in one of his eyes that will require some type of surgury to fix.  We are all very greatfull for the phone calls and prayers, and we feel really blessed that he is in good health.

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