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Did a 55 mile bike ride this morning.  Went out to Camp Williams and back to Magna.  The weather was great, not too hot and  I got rained on for only 10 minutes.  It felt really good to get so many miles in, and get working on my century ride again.


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Got me a new road bike last weekend.  (Thanks to a great deal from Jeremy. )   Here is a picture of it.  I took it on a 13.5 mile ride Monday, 5 miles Tuesday and Wednesday.  Today I took it to work and back, a very cold 25 miles.   It is a really nice […]


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I have been shopping around for a road bike to take back and forth to work and also just for a road bike to ride for fun. Since I didn’t want to throw down a grand to get a low end road bike, I decided to go vintage. I looked at some bikes around town, […]


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