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Half Marathon Done! WooHoo!

Aaron and I ran the Salt Lake City Half Marathon today.  It was beautiful weather and now I can check this off my to do list.  Aaron finished in 2 hours and 34 min.  I finished in 2 hours and 45 min. (but my chip time is all messed up, it doesn’t show me starting, go figure) I spent 20 minutes in line for a port o potty as the race was beginning, but there were a couple hundred people waiting for the same thing.  I didn’t get to run with Aaron as he got herded to the start line as I was waiting for the bathroom.  I was looking forward to running with him as we have trained together and I missed running with him.  It was kind of boring due to not running with anyone I knew.  I had to just keep pushing myself along.    I ran it and have the sore muscles and blisters to prove it.  This was a goal for me ever since I ran the SLC 5K last year and watched all the half marathoners and marathoners come in.  I thought it would be an awesome accomplishment.  I have really enjoyed running, but I am going to cut back my miles and start biking more so that I might be able to catch up to Aaron in that department.  Also I am taking swimming lessons so that I can hopefully conquer another goal.  YEAH me!  I did it, I did it!

First Half Marathon

Erika and I have signed up for our first 1/2 marathon race.   We have started running / cycling / walking / cross-training again.  We plan on racing at the SLC race in April.  Hopefully we are ready by then, to go the distance.

5K fun run/walk

Today we woke up early (6:30 am on a Saturday) and went to the park for the Teach the Children 5K.  We ran along the Jordan Parkway trail, so I decided I would stay back with the boys because I was worried about them running along the Jordan River.  I am a proud, happy mom.  Nathan (9 yrs.) passed us all and finished in 38:40 minutes.  Benjamin (7 yrs.) insisted mom hold his hand so I would keep pace with him.  Benjamin and I finished in 42:50 minutes.  Benjamin was so happy that we passed dad.  Aaron came in at 43:20 minutes.  When we started the race I was a little sad that I would have to “stay back” with the boys and not run the whole way, but it was on of the best mornings together as a family.  Ben and I would run for a while then speed walk for Ben to catch his breath. (He has allergies so bad he can barely breath through his nose.)  I just had to post how much fun we had and how glad I am that we woke up early today.

West Fest 5-K

We ran in the West Fest on Sat. June 28, 2008. This was our 2nd 5K race and I was determined to beat my 1st race time. The last couple of weeks training Aaron was too busy with work and church to really keep training with me. I was running slower with the temperatures going up and running after dropping the boys off at school in the morning. Well I did run faster and it was a good race. Wish there were more trees to run in the shade and I should have picked it up a little sooner and beat Aaron. That would have been sweet. Better luck to me next time.

  • Erika’s Time 33:58
  • Aaron’s Time 33:17

First 5-K Race

Erika and I ran our first 5k race today. It was at liberty park, 8am. It was an exciting and nervous time for both of us. We have spent the last several week getting in shape and this was our first of many races for the summer. We were very excited that this event was finally here, and are also glad that it is all over.

So after standing around for an hour waiting for the race to start, they finally started the race. Unfortuatly there were a lot of people that were walking the race, and they all foolishly lined up at the start of the line. So the first few minutes of the race was dodging through hundred of idiots all walking with their strollers and kids.

We both did really well for our first races. I finished in 31 minutes and Erika in 34. Both of us beat our starting goals, and I am sure we will improve as the summer moves on.